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by Natalie Lynn Borton

I’ve always been a person of efficiency. I like to get the most bang for my buck with my time, and I’m always looking for the fastest or easiest way to get something checked off my list. While this can be a great quality when it comes to simple tasks during the work day (and impressing employers), it’s a really bad one when it comes to character development and personal growth.

The truth is, we need to sit in the grit if we ever want to grow into the women we’ve been designed to become. We can’t skip over the hard work of learning how to be kind, joyful, generous, compassionate, loving, and confident. Have you ever tried to muster up those qualities? It only works for a little while, then our true selves come out. When we try to take the easy route, our willpower always fails us.

Everything worth doing requires hard work and patience. Are you sad? Let yourself feel the sadness for a bit. Are you angry? Do some journaling to dig deeper and find out the root cause. Are you happy today? Take some time to write down what you’re thankful for. Let’s refuse to settle for the coping mechanisms we’ve settled for in the past in order to avoid true growth (zoning out in front of the TV, being over-committed, turning to food).

Let’s be the kind of women who don’t shy away from challenges. Let’s check our pride at the door and surrender ourselves to God, who is able and eager to help us become radiant, beautiful women. As we work through difficult times (and practice gratitude when life is going smoothly), we will authentically cultivate those qualities we desire but have avoided developing for so long—no willpower required.

Do you tend to avoid challenges, or face them head-on? When have you taken the time to work through a tough time and come out a stronger/better person on the other side of it?

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