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Walking Tall When All You Feel Is Small

by Allie Marie Smith

I recently had the privilege of hearing one of my biggest role models and inspirations speak. She’s a woman of faith; a committed wife and mother; successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

I had every intention of introducing myself, but I was late to get a seat and the meet-and-greet line was twenty-people deep. I didn’t want to be a bother. I even mustered up the courage to ask a question in front of 240 people, but didn’t act quickly enough.

Five feet away from her, I felt so small. Yet, had I introduced myself I know she would have made me feel important, known and valued – that’s the kind of woman she is.

I gazed at the stage as one of my friends interviewed her – they were both impeccably dressed, poised and articulate. I couldn’t help but think I should be something more than I am.

Make money. So you can buy nice clothes and get manis and pedis. Don’t forget to tweeze your eyebrows. Lose fifteen pounds and read the Wall Street Journal.

I drove home on the 101 through the California fog and felt clumsy and awkward, like a fragile foal just learning to walk amongst a herd of wild horses.

I mourned over a missed opportunity and wallowed in self-pity over the reality that it’s likely I’ll never own a billion dollar enterprise, grace the pages of magazines or get away without wearing Spanx at forty-something (or twenty-eight).

But as God is faithful to do, He taught me something:

Choose to walk tall, even when you feel small.

The truth is God doesn’t need you to walk tall, but as His child, He invites you to walk worthy of the identity He has clothed you with: his treasured possession – beloved, redeemed and cherished.

Stand tall, walk worthy and run your own race – the next lane over has already been taken.

When’s the last time you felt small? How can you walk tall?

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