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Contract Signing & Bible Study Planning

by Natalie Lynn Borton

On Friday Allie, Christie, Kayla and I met at the W Hotel in Westwood to plan our outline and assign chapters for the bible study we’re writing this fall for Wonderfully Made! We signed our contract, prayed for guidance about the study, and worked through all of the logistics, like what voice we’ll use in our writing, what each chapter is about, and who will be responsible for each chapter.

Though we planned to spend the whole day planning and discussing the study, we didn’t anticipate watching a photo shoot in the middle of the hotel! We had the honor of meeting the nice photographers from Life + Dog Magazine, actress Mary Lynn Rasjkub, and her cute pups Ginger and Emily. What a fun surprise!

We’ll be asking for your input as we begin the writing process, so keep your eyes peeled for your opportunity to be part of our bible study in the coming weeks.

When have you seen the Lord open doors in your life in ways you hadn’t imagined?

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