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Know Your Value: The Official Wonderfully Made Blog

Welcome to our fresh-faced new blog! It’s been a fun project to work on, and we hope you like the changes we’ve made! Here are all of the new features you need to know about:

  • A new name. We decided it was time to give this blog a real name, so we’re calling it “Know Your Value.” It’s the official blog of Wonderfully Made!
  • Follow options. It should be easy to read your favorite blog, so we’re giving you a lot of options to stay connected. Click on any of our social media buttons on the top of the left column to stay in touch, follow using Google Friend Connect, or sign up to get an email whenever we post something new. Easy peasy.
  • Regular contributors. Although we started this already last month, it’s still a feature of the new blog. We have a talented group of women who are committed to making regular contributions to this blog on topics including dating and relationships, featured causes, media commentary, photography, and scripture.
  • Better organization. You can now find posts three different ways, from the right-hand column: by date, by topic or by author. Or, you can check out one of our recently popular posts to see what everyone else has been reading. You pick!
  • Improved about section. What exactly is this blog about? Well, now we tell you! We also included information about our organization, and where the name “Wonderfully Made” came from. Check it out and find out for yourself.
  • Sponsor opportunities. One of our goals for this year is to partner with artists, businesses and organizations we believe in. Interested in sponsoring us or know someone who would be? Check out the sponsors page for more information.

Our hope is that you will feel at home here, visit often, and become an active part of our little Wonderfully Made community. As you read posts from our fabulous team of contributors, we encourage you to comment and engage in conversation. Let this be the place where we can grow together in the understanding of our true value and worth.

The Wonderfully Made Team

What do you think about the new look and feel?

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