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Our girl Melissa from our SCU Chapter posted this on her FB page and I instantly knew I had to share it with you girls because it’s a message I wish I would have heard.

At fourteen, I started my freshman year of high school hoping to lose my virginity on my prom night – I thought it was the most romantic way ever (that was lame!). I wish someone would have shared this message with me – and told me there was a different way. While I may have escaped high school a “technical virgin” (that’s a whole different topic) there were encounters I wish I could permanently erase from my mind. While I thought each experience would make me feel loved, valued and cherished, I always walked away feeling dirty, damaged, used and ashamed.

I’m thankful there are guys like Jeff (and my hubs–yes, they do exist!) who have the courage to be set apart and who choose to respect the God-given value we have & to challenge other guys to do the same.

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