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Food for Thought: Navigating Your Weight-loss Resolutions

Happy Tuesday girls!

Instead of our regular HerStory post, I thought we thought we’d spend the rest of this week’s blog focusing on the hot topic this time of year: dieting, losing weight and pursuing perfection in our physical appearance.

I think if we were to take a poll at least 90% of us would probably admit to making a health related resolution.

In my mind, I’ve always thought I should look like her:

But this is me:
I’m curvy and strong, not slim, crazy toned or skinny. I have “child rearing hips” as my Grandma would say. Rarely do I wear single-digit size pants. And I have premature cellulite. Sorry if that’s TMI.

While I’ve struggled with food and body image issues for over 15 years, God has set me free from the bondage of disordered eating and put me on a path of health, freedom and peace. I’ve decided to love, honor and respect my body. And I do, but it’s not always easy. As I continue on my HEAL Journey this new year, here are some thoughts I’d like to encourage you with:

1) Examine Your Motivations
Let this be our prayer:Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Ask God to point out any impure motivations and self-destructive rules you’ve established.

2) Forget Skinny – Choose Health!
Your body is a precious gift that has been entrusted to you for your care and management. No one else can do this for you. “Skinny” does not imply health, and your weight is not always an accurate indicator. Shoot for a healthy weight range and consult a physician for a proper analysis of your physical health.

3) Focus on Freedom
Remember, no number on the scale feels as good as freedom! As I write in HEAL: Healthy Eating & Abundant Living, “Diets and rigid ‘get fit’ plans don’t address the root of the real problem in our lives. They overlook why we may have an unhealthy relationship with food, our body, exercise or other aspects of our lives.”

I’d like to leave you with this quote from my mentor and co-author Judy Halliday:

“A solid sense of your identity and worth is the precursor to your ability to eat and live according to God’s intent and being the person he designed you to be.”
– Thin Again by Judy Halliday

How are you navigating the pressures to become your “ideal” weight and shape this new year?

You can learn more about my book and Wonderfully Made’s HEAL program HERE! Come back tomorrow for more HEAL-related posts!

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