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For Your HEAL Journey: A Prayer for Honest Health

Hi Girls,

I wanted to share with you a prayer I wrote some time ago for my HEAL Journey in hope that it will also encourage you as you seek to surrender the area of food and body image to God. Last Monday I made a recommitment to my journey as the truth is I’ve grown lazy and have sought more comfort in food than is best for my health and peace of mind. I’m so excited because I made this recommitment the same day two of my friends began their own personal HEAL Journey – a small group of us are now meeting in my living room to go through the book and journey together. I can’t believe it’s the first time I’m actually leading a group with the physical book in my hands since it came out two years ago this December! Because HEAL: Healthy Eating & Abundant Living was written not with my wisdom, but with God’s I am excited for all I am about to glean from it in this season. What can I say – I am stubborn and a very slow learner! While I am truly free from the bondage of emotional eating, bingeing, chronic dieting and an overall preoccupation with every bite I put into my mouth, the truth is I am still on my HEAL Journey (and will always be). The HEAL Journey is a lifestyle, not a six week program and isn’t nearly about food or weight, as it is our heart. Needless to say, there are many cobwebs in my heart which influence my relationship with food that I have yet to truly invite God into to clean and make new.

How are you girls doing this season on your HEAL Journey? Are there any victories or struggles you would like to share?

Loving Father,

Awaken in me a pure desire to be a woman of emotional, physical and spiritual health. Teach meto enjoy the process of tending to, nourishing, and renewing my body. Awaken me to the sight, smell, and taste of foods and nutrients which can provide me with the energy and health to accomplish your will for my life. I rebuke any selfish, insecure or vain desire to match up to the false standard of beauty set before me by this world. Test me God, and know my thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in my relationship with food or my body. Teach me the meaning and fullness of your grace in this area of my life. Lord, I choose to live a life of health, freedom and true beauty for your glory. Amen.

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