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HerStory: Shannon Culpepper (I Am Second)

Today’s HerStory feature is from the I Am Second website. Shannon’s story is a story all too familiar to so many girls. For those who’ve had an absent father or mother, it’s easy to believe the lie that your abandonment is somehow reflective of who you are as a person. It makes it easier than it already is in our world to believe the lie that you’re not worthy, not love-able, or simply not good enough.

Is Shannon’s story all too familiar to you? For those of you girls who haven’t had a dad around (or maybe had a dad who was around, but never really there), how has this influenced your relationship with guys? Or your relationship with God? What has your Heavenly Father taught you through the absence of your dad? If you’ve had a loving dad in your life, is there anything you’d like to say to girls who don’t know the goodness of a father’s love-made-real through his active presence?

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