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Truth for Your HEAL Journey: What Does Freedom Feel Like?

One of Oprah’s famous quotes, is “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” While there’s some wisdom to be gleaned from this for those of us who struggle with overeating, I disagree with her claim. I know girls who may be thin (especially those who are unhealthily thin), but they don’t feel “good.” They feel lifeless, cold and chained. Rather I believe:

No number on the scale feels as good as FREEDOM.

I once believed that a particular, low three-digit number on the scale equaled peace, perfection and happiness ever-after. The dangerous temptation this little lie brings can still sneak up on me today, as I continue on my HEAL Journey, asking God to continually transform me within.

On my journey, I’ve learned that freedom isn’t a number on the scale. It’s not even a certain size in designer jeans. It’s a state of being –a fluid place of health, strength and reconciliation with my body that naturally results from eating and living the way I believe God intends me to.

For me, this is freedom:

· Being able to surf till sunset and not get tired

· Feeling beautiful, comfortable and confident in my skin

· A state of being where I see my body as the temple it is and the vehicle through which God privileges me to love, serve and tackle beautiful adventures

· Being able to don spandex, hop on my road bike and feel strong and sexy

· Being able to fall asleep next to my husband and not fear what he’ll grab a hold of when he wraps his strong arms around my stomach

· The unceasing desire to praise God for my body

· Giving my body the sustenance it needs; no more & no less (eating within hunger & satisfaction)

· Willingly making beneficial food choices while still enjoying a girl’s inanimate best friend (chocolate)

For me, bondage is:

· Counting calories or points, weighing or measuring food & being obsessed with every particle of edible matter I put in my mouth

· A self-consuming preoccupation with my physical appearance

· Addictively comparing myself to every other woman – with or without wrinkles

· An irresistible compulsion to hop on and off the scale

· Ceaseless striving to a fit a certain mold media images convince me I need to conform to

· Eating well beyond my body’s physical needs and not giving my body the physical movement it craves

Like I tweeted the other day, “Forget skinny. I’d rather be healthy and strong. I have mountains to climb, waves to surf, horses to ride and beautiful adventures to tackle. I want to be free.”

“What does freedom feel like for you?”

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