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Breaking Free: Turning Your Moments into Milestones

If you read my most recent post, you know I’m in the midst of doing “Breaking Free,” my first Beth Moore study.

Yesterday as I was faced with the decision to go on a run or eat a cupcake, a simple, long-standing truth became so clear to me. Whether we will remain in bondage or be set free is a moment-by-moment decision. I could eat my cupcake (which I didn’t need of course!) or put on my workout clothes and go for my run. As Beth teaches, we must turn these “moments into milestones.” The moment before we decide to do that which will either free us or bind us is the moment that determines where we will find ourselves – in captivity or freedom. I’ve got to be real and tell you I ended up having my cupcake (I randomly baked…something I rarely do), and then went on my run. Beth, I’m hoping this qualifies as half a milestone?

In order to escape whatever bondage our beautiful, but messy selves fight against, we’ve got to be girls who are in step with God’s spirit, which goes before us and guides us in the paths of righteousness.

What moments do you need to stand firm through in order to turn them into milestones and reap the joy that comes with freedom?

· The moment before you give yourself away to your boyfriend or to some guy whose name you won’t even remember five years from now?

· The moment before a late night binge?

· The moment before you let your eyes see something they shouldn’t?

· The moment before your emotionally-driven purchase?

· The moment before you become little miss gossip girl?

· The moment before you have that drink or take that hit?

My question is (if you’re willing to share) what are you breaking free from? What have you successfully broken free from?

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