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Day 8: Mission Self-Forgetfulness

So I cheated and finally plucked my eyebrows (hint, hint*). Yes, I looked in the mirror. In fact I looked in the mirror multiple times, although not as obsessively as I normally do. The perfectionist in me feels like I’ve already failed at this challenge completely and should just quit altogether. But I’m going to stick it out and continue sharing my insights regardless of how un-insightful and ridiculous they may be. I apologize in advance if this post is more than underwhelming. (Smile).

It was an interesting weekend for me to be in the midst of this challenge. I attended FINDINGbalance’s Hungry for Hope Conference in Colorado Springs, a wonderful event at which I was asked to serve on an author’s panel with Judy and several others. So let’s say that the narcissist in me was just a tad bit overly concerned about how others would perceive me.

Nevertheless, there are some things I’m learning:

1) Consciously trying to forge the habit of self-forgetfulness is fruitful, but blogging about the process is probably counter-productive. Let me illustrate:

o I somewhat obsessively check the comments section to see if anyone has found my posts worthy of written reflection.

o In the women’s restroom this weekend, I was embarrassingly paranoid someone might catch me glancing at my reflection for a millisecond, concerned they may have read about “Mission Self-Forgetfulness” and find me out (this reeks of legalism & self-absorption!).

2) Committing myself to taking a young homeless woman on a shopping spree is noble, but telling all of blog-sphere about my good deed is Pharisaical.

3) The two most self-refining challenges (of the five I set for myself) have been writing hand-written notes to people in my life and practicing the art of gentle interrogation.

4) Admitting my self-absorption is actually quite cathartic. Hi, my name is Allie and I’m a self-aholic. Yes, admitting it is the first step to recovery!

PS: Check tomorrow’s blog for my interview with JJ Heller!!!

*If you’re still wondering what the odd sign is of, it has to do a certain eyebrow style. The first to answer correctly under June 1st will win a copy of HEAL.

*I took this photo this weekend at Glen Eyrie Conference Center in CO.

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