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Day 1: Mission Self-Forgetfulness

Hey Girls!

So today was the first day of Mission Self-Forgetfuless. I’m curious if any of you girls are going to take on this challenge and specifically what your “self-forgetful assignments” are. Please share! I really hope you’ll be joining me because I seriously need your support (I already feel like I’m failing miserably).

Here’s a recap (from my May 3rd post) behind the inspiration for this odd mission and the list of my 5 self-forgetful challenges.

The most beautiful and emotionally healthy people I know are the most self-forgetful. Sick and tired of my vain, self-centered concerns and inspired by a message I stumbled across through my friends at the True Campaign titled “Blessed Self-forgetfulness” by Timothy Keller, I am reluctant, but committed to give this assignment my best shot. I have compiled a list of 5 challenges designed to annihilate my narcissistic, self-focused alter ego:

1) Log off of FB
2) Execute the Art of Snail Mail

3) Avoid the Mirror
4) Practice the Art of Gentle Interrogation
5) Give A Stranger a Shopping Spree
*read the summary of these challenges on my May 3rd blog.

Today’s Insights
  • I need to try harder. I’ve got to keep it real and tell you I don’t feel mentally or spiritually ready for this challenge. I had the best of intentions of preparing myself for this huge undertaking yesterday (Memorial Day) through prayer and journaling, but I was too busy getting sunburned, drinking sweet tea and eating BBQ chicken. If I hadn’t told you of my plans to do this challenge I think I would have continued being even more perpetually self-centered.
  • I wish I would have plucked my eyebrows yesterday. Dangit Allie.
  • Boredom is the ideal opportunity to be outward-focused. I set aside my first moment of boredom (code word for laziness) to write my sweet cousin a graduation card. It made my spirit smile in a way thinking up witty status updates never could.
  • My biggest baby step was refraining from the temptation to look in the mirror and freshen up before youth group – instead I prayed for some of the girls. Something I don’t do enough.
  • Girls who daily post new pictures of just themself really ought to give this challenge a try.
Nighty night girls. xo

PS> The first person to interpret today’s photo will get a copy of HEAL!

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