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Be Inspired: White Girl Rap

I just came across this entertaining and truth-filled “middle class white girl rap” as it was called on You Tube. I instantly loved it and had to learn more about this “white girl rapper.” She gives me hope that I too can flow or at the very least one day learn to sing on tune.

A former drug addict and dropout, Tamara Lowe is recognized as one of the world’s most successful speakers and consultants, having trained more than two million people in seventy countries. Tamara is a respected author, educator and businesswoman. She is the co-founder and Executive Vice President ofGet Motivated Seminars, Inc., a business training company that produces America’s largest business seminars. She’s worked with five US Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other and influential people and celebrities including Billy Graham, Goldie Hawn, Joe Montana, George Foreman, Mother Teresa and many others.

Tamara tells her seminar audiences that it would “be very unprofessional of me to share the secrets of success I know and not tell you the number one secret of my success which is my relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”

She tells them “If you want to know more I can rap for you.”

You can watch or read more about Tamara’s testimony here.

Tamara’s story is a testament to the truth that with God all things are possible! Keep the hope girls!



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