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Anthropologie Lustings

I pass her funky window display, walk through her towering doors and I’m in dreamland. She’s home to invisible bohemian princesses with impeccable wardrobes, gypsy souls and flowers in their hair; and I want to live there. Her flouncy shirtdresses, shrunken blazers, fabulous boots and faux-vintage bedding and tea-towels seem to whisper my name.

“You need me,” they say. “Perfection is possible.”

A girl’s eye candy everywhere I look. I want it all. And more. Anthropologie is very bad for me, but I love it anyway! It makes me lust and covet for things and then throw myself a pity-party because I can’t afford them. Anyone else?

The lyrics of Caedmon Call’s song “This World” say it so well:

This world has nothing for me

And this world has everything

All that I could want

And nothing that I need

Check the blog “All Things Beautiful” for my thoughts on why us girls are helplessly drawn to pretty things!

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