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Orphanage Christmas Visit!

A sequel to our 2007 Thanksgiving trip to visit orphanages in Tijuana and Rosarito with Cindy Pesina and Yugo Ministries.

We had a lot of rain last week which meant lots of MUD on the non-paved roads! Because we had so many donations, treats, Christmas cookies, and sleeping bags the car was loaded with more stuff than we were technically allowed to bring into Mexico (thank you to everyone who generously donated!) Before leaving, we prayed for ‘invisibility’ crossing the border…

We passed right through the line with a “come on through” hand motion from a policeman (we weren’t stopped or asked any questions about our full car) and when we met Cindy a beautiful rainbow filled the sky! He who promised is faithful!

The weekend was spent singing songs, playing games, giving the kids their Christmas presents, decorating cookies, doing crafts (including blinging out pinecones with glitter that ended up EVERYWHERE!) There was a group of clowns (pastor’s family from La Konexion Rosarito) who did a hilarious show and preached the gospel to the kids. We visited two of the orphanages we had gone to before and did a street outreach in a huge storage garage attached to Cindy’s house. Normally, we would have gone to their neighborhood but because of the rain, kids piled into a van and came to the event indoors!

Of course, great Mexican food and a cozy stay at the Pesina home 🙂

A few minor setbacks… car stuck in the mud for 2o minutes until Cindy’s husband, Jose Luis, and some neighbors pushed us out! Cindy got in a small car accident and later Jose Luis was pulled over but the police officer attends church with the couple whose orphanage we were on our way to, so no ticket! (Did I mention the 3.5 hour border wait time?)

The kids were beautiful, full of love and a blessing to spend time with. God is so good! Please pray for all of these childrens’ lives and those who care for them.

Pictures worth a thousand words….

Ready with rainboots!

Orphanage driveway/front yard

Getting in the Christmas spirit with some new gifts


Nina and cute kids

Beautiful girls!

Songs and dancing

Our team!

‘Street’ outreach
Nina, Katie, Amanda, Javier (Cindy’s son), Kayla

*I’ll post a video of the kids singing soon!

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