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Lanae Hale’s Testimony: Self-Injury, Cutting, Suicide …and God’s REDEMPTION!

Hey Girls!

As I prepare to share my testimony at Pepperdine (where I attended college for two years before transfering to Santa Clara so I could be closer to home b/c of my struggle with depression) on Wednesday I want to share this story of an amazingly gifted singer and songwriter, Lanae Hale. Lane’s manager contacted me (her music is awesome!) a few years ago about possibly partnering with her on an event, but I just recently stumbled across her story. Her honesty and vulnerability is an inspiration to me as I prepare to share about my own stifling insecurities and the depths of depression I’ve experienced. Isn’t it refreshing how the vulnerability of others gives us the strength to be open with our own struggles? I so identify with Lanae’s testimony and know that many of you girls will as well. Lanae, I want to thank you for your courage to share your story while giving God total glory for the redemption and healing He’s performed in your life! I hope I can meet you soon…you seem like a kindred spirit of ours! Hugs, Allie Marie

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