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Introducing “Project Redemption” (A Blog Series of Wonderfully Made)

Hey Lovely Girls!

I am so excited to tell you about a new blog series we are launching called “Project Redemption.” 

Our hope is that Project Redemption will be an avenue through which girls like yourself can share what God has done and is doing in your life. We each have a story to tell which can give other young women who are walking through similar struggles hope that there is freedom and healing in Christ.

If you would like to submit (for consideration) your story of a struggle you’ve faced and how God has restored this part of your life through our Project Redemption blog series, here’s how: 
  • In black marker write your “before and after” story of redemption on a medium to large size piece of cardboard. Write the before on one side and the “after” on the other side.” Try to keep it under 4 or 5 words.
  • Have a friend take a picture of you holding both sides of your “cardboard testimony”
  • Write a brief 350-word max synopsis of your testimony
  • Email both photos and your written story to us at
Keep an eye out for these stories of redemption! Each month our hope is that you will get to meet at least one girl and hear about what God has done in her life! 


Allie Marie Smith

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