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If there is one truth every girl longs to know it is that she is wonderfully made. I can still remember the moment I came across the verse containing this truth. It was like I had finally found what I was looking for, like something I had been longing to hear my entire life was spoken to me and I could finally rest easy, secure in the truth behind these two words.
We are girls hungry to know that we are wonderfully made; to know that we are esteemed, of high value, beloved and set apart. When we don’t know the freedom offered in this truth we dress ourselves in things that promise to fill this void – food, false intimacy with men, perfectionism, a hot body, an eagerness to please. We give ourselves away because we don’t know who we are or who we belong to.
Being wonderfully made means that you have a Maker – a Maker who made you and made you beautifully; a Maker who loves you and knows you, has amazing plans for you, and longs to reveal to your value and worth as His daughter. Walking in the truth that you are wonderfully made is the not only the pathway towards experiencing authentic healing in your relationship with food and your body, but is the road to an awesome and abundant life.
-Allie Berthold

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