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We are so excited for you to explore what it means to live whole and free. We hope these words and journaling questions will encourage you wherever you are in life. So head to your favorite place, quiet your heart and take some time to reflect, dream and pray.

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Cease Striving

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By: Shari Rigby I struggled to find my purpose because I was looking for that perfect thing that would make me happy. Turns out, this is a recipe for disaster. The moment I got bored, discouraged, or challenged, I was right back to where I started—confused and trying to find…

WM Book Club Kickoff with Kate Merrick

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  Welcome our WM Book Club kickoff featuring an interview with Kate Merrick, author of this season's book Here, Now.  Listen to our interview with Kate as she shares her heart and hope for you as you dive into reading her book. We pray you are refreshed and encouraged by…

God Is There: A Battle Cry Amidst the Battle of The Mind

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By: Katie Messer In the cool of the morning, in the quiet of the night, God is there. As fears become behemoths and worries turn into dragons, God is there. As death tolls continue to globally rise and fears of every sniffle hinting at potential doom which suffocate your thoughts,…

10 Things To Do During Uncertain Times

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By Allie Marie Smith We are living in days of uncertainty. It can be natural to lose ourselves in worry and fear when the future is unclear, but we don't have to live that way. I wanted to share 10 things you can intentionally focus on during this season in…