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We are so excited for you to explore what it means to live whole and free. We hope these words and journaling questions will encourage you wherever you are in life. So head to your favorite place, quiet your heart and take some time to reflect, dream and pray.

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Please, Stay: A Poem For National Suicide Prevention Day

| blog, Poetry | No Comments
By: Allie Marie Smith What if I told you not to leave? What if I told you that you would get through this? That you…

Why You Don’t Have to Share Your Life On Social Media

| blog, Emotional Health | No Comments
By: Amy Cummins If a stranger were to scroll through my Instagram feed, there’s not much they would learn about me. There are no pictures…

Cease Striving

| blog, book review | No Comments
By: Shari Rigby I struggled to find my purpose because I was looking for that perfect thing that would make me happy. Turns out, this…

WM Book Club Kickoff with Kate Merrick

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  Welcome our WM Book Club kickoff featuring an interview with Kate Merrick, author of this season's book Here, Now.  Listen to our interview with…