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HerStory: Reflections on Something Sacred

By December 14, 2010Uncategorized

Dirty. Damaged. Ashamed. Alone.

These are painful feelings I experienced after intimate encounters with guys during high school. Feelings I now understand, but didn’t back then.

I entered my freshman year of high school assuming I would lose my virginity the night of my junior year of prom (which I am so thankful I didn’t). Like the majority of “non-churched” girls today, the idea of purity or waiting to have sex until marriage didn’t even cross my mind. It wasn’t until I was nineteen, shortly after coming to faith in Christ that I realized there was a different way – that sex was a sacred gift intended for only for marriage. And for good reasons.

The following short film was shot and edited by our brilliantly talented and sweet photographer Katee Grace for Christie’s talk on guys, sex and the treasure of purity at our last WM Conference. Music by JJ Heller. We hope you appreciate the honesty and vulnerability.

Have you ever felt this way? This is a safe place to share your thoughts…

Wonderfully Made | Boys Trap | from Wonderfully Made on Vimeo.

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