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by Allie Marie Smith

Two of my dearest friends are in dating relationships right now. One is very close to getting engaged and the other is still figuring out whether or not they should continue seeing each other. The three of us were having a conversation and there were a few golden nuggets worth sharing with you girls. Here’s a recap:

Date more with your head and less of your heart.
Let’s be real – our heart can be deceitful! Sometimes what we think is love is really infatuation. We are told to “guard our heart for it is the wellspring of life.” When you’re checking out a guy and seeing if this whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing might be an option, know that it’s probably better to over-analyze your guy “prospect’ than “under-analyze him.” Are there any red flags? What are his relationships like? Can he hold a job? Does he have major credit card debt? Is there a crimincal record? Where’s he at in his relationship with Christ? Steer clear from any major red flags – don’t even go there girl!

Everyone will have their opinion.
Everyone close to you who you care about will likely have an opinion about your relationship and the guy you’re dating. Sometimes their concerns are valid. Like if your friend points out he hasn’t had a job in 8 months. Other times, they’re not. Like if your parents require that he make at least six figures while overlooking his work ethic, spiritual maturity, character and financial wisdom.

Pray, reflect, think and take your time.
Ask God to help you be attracted to the qualities that are eternal, reasonable and that endure and unattracted to the things that aren’t. Put God first in your love life. Pray for wisdom and discernment and the strength to not compromise His standards for dating relationships and marriage.

What advice do you have for any other girls navigating dating relationship?

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