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A Child-like Faith

By April 30, 2010Uncategorized

The above picture was drawn by Elana, a 7 year old girl who for the past 2 years has endured harsh words about her weight from her peers. Like her older siblings have gone through, she is in the midst of what you may call her “baby fat” years. She often tells her mom, “I don’t want to go to school anymore.”

A close friend of mine gave Elana’s mom of one of our Wonderfully Made postcards which has our logo on the front with some encouraging notes on the back. The mom brought two of the postcards home, one for her and one for her daughter. She used it as an opportunity to tell her daughter how God created her beautifully and out of love.

Later that day Elana’s mom walked into her daughters room to find both postcards propped up on her mirror. She had one of the cards facing forward displaying our WM logo and the other card was propped up to show the backside with the words “you are loved,” “you are beautiful,” “you are worthy” and other truths.

Later that night Elana drew this picture on a white board in her bedroom. Elana’s Mom shared this in an email to my friend:

“Here is a picture Elana drew of herself being “wonderfully made”. I love all the hearts on her shirt, hugs and kisses around her words and Bella [her dog] sitting there in front of her. Most of all, I love the big smile she has on her face. It really shows how she feels and it is how she looks lately. Wonderfully Made and God’s word really spoke to her.”

Elana, told her mom, “I get it! I am wonderfully made!”

Please keep Elana in your prayers – that the harsh words will cease and that she will grow to be a woman who knows where her true value and worth is found – a woman who doesn’t believe the lies the world tells her and is confident in who she is in Christ.

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