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134: Making Peace with Food During the Holidays and New Year — with Christie Donderi Bettwy

Christie Dondero Bettwy, Executive Director for Rock Recovery, a nonprofit that helps people overcome disordered eating joins us to talk about how we can experience more peace around food this holiday season and in this coming New Year. Is your relationship with food chaotic or complicated? Are food and body image issues taking too much space in your head? As we get into the holidays it can be an especially difficult time for those struggling with eating issues and COVID can add a whole additional layer to these struggles. Learn how to have grace with yourself and discover life-giving principles that can transform the way you interact with food. Christie shares her own recovery story from disordered eating and why freedom from food issues is possible. We talk about how dieting and restriction can keep us in bondage and explore practical steps for moving forward. Discover resources to help you on your journey so you can experience wholeness and live into your true identity. You were made to live free!