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Every time a new year rolls around my mind wanders with possibility. I think of the brand new slate ahead of me as I’m flooded with both possibility and fear. Possibility of what I could accomplish, of who I could become. Fear of what could happen, of who I might lose that I love.

What if I just wake up at 7am every single morning? (not a morning person!)
What if I do spinning three times a week, yoga every Tuesday and start weight training?
What if I write for three hours every day?What if I’m finally faithful in my quiet time?

This year I wonder instead of picking all of these things (which I know would just set me up for failure) I picked one thing. Something simple. Have you every heard of the rock analogy? You know, when someone takes an empty vase and fills it with small rocks and then tries to put big rocks in it that don’t fit? When they place the big rocks in first, there is room for the tiny ones – they just find their place in the vase and fall between the crevices.

As a woman who follows Jesus, I must ask myself what the big, most important rocks are. Time with my Maker is number one – the author of my life, the planner of all my days and the redeemer of my soul. When we seek after God, we’re not promised a perfect, pretty little life, but we are promised we’ll never be alone and that He will direct our path. When we live a life in step with God’s spirit, the smaller matter such as making time to nurture our bodies fall in to place. You might think as someone who leads a ministry I have this big rock figured out, but if I’m  honest with you I still struggle this basic, foundational spiritual discipline.

So this year my word for the year is RISE! Inspired by this old hymn:

In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.

Not my iPhone, not Instagram, give me Jesus. Because I really believe, every area of my life will is better with His presence.

What one thing are you focusing on this year? What’s your word for 2016?

Photo by Chelsea Steller for Wonderfully Made.

Allie Marie Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Wonderfully Made. She is the co-author of both Bible studies in the Wonderfully Made series: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living, and Becoming Who You Are in Christ. She is also the developer of the Body Beautiful iPhone app which promotes true beauty and positive body image. She lives in North Santa Barbara County with her husband Paul where she loves adventuring and surfing up and down California’s golden coast. You can find her blogging at The Kindred Sisterhood.


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