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by Allie Marie Smith
What is it about us girls that stirs us to strive without ceasing? Why is it that average doesn’t satisfy and perfect never seems attainable? We are girls in search of perfect (as I’ve reflected on before). 

I love the NASB translation of Psalm 46:10: “Cease striving and know that I am God.

I believe God delights in us most when we abide in Him; when we take a long, deep breath and be still. Your Maker isn’t demanding perfection of you dear one. His desire is your company – your companionship. Not perfection, but your presence. It’s in God’s presence that we experience progress – and the great thing is we don’t even have to strive for it. By abiding in Christ we are transformed for the better day by day. I think a more fitting phrase for the above print would be “Strive for Presence, Not Perfection.”

What would it look like in your life to cease striving? 

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