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How about a few of my favorite blogs?

by Anne Taylor
Every morning, I roll out of bed, make myself a little breakfast, and sit down in front of my blog reader to see what the lovely blog world has in store for me that day. I scroll through, popping over to leave comments now and again and saving the gems for my weekend reads. It is a great way to start my day. Since I am a creative professional, I need to be an active participant in the blog world to make sure that I stay up to date and informed. But that is easily just an excuse because, seriously, it’s just plain fun. Blogs can be a great way to connect with others, meet new friends, find inspiration for crafts or parties, and be challenged to try new things. 
The world of blogging grows more and more everyday, and it is really impossible to stay completely up to date on all of the best new finds. Still, I thought I’d share my current favorite blogs, created by seriously fabulous and totally inspiring lady bloggers, with all of you (and maybe you will share some of your favorites with me!)
Let’s get started!

If you have not yet met Joy Wilson, a.k.a Joy the Baker, it is seriously an honor to introduce you to her. She’s a self-taught baker who lives in Los Angeles, and her wit and love for others is the icing on the cake she will bake for you (or maybe for her cat). Earlier this year, she released her first cookbook and every page is straight up delish. Annnd she has a podcast with her friend Tracy of, called The Joy the Baker Podcast, which has on numerous occasions caused me to burst into fits of laughter in public places and then strangers look at me oddly. It’s totally worth it though. This girl is a business lady, lover of the human soul, and a maker of sweet treats. Trust me, she’ll be your bff in a week, tops.

2. Design Love Fest

For all you graphic design lovers, Design Love Fest is for you. Bri Emery is the talent behind this incredible blog, and she is a true powerhouse in her field. When it comes to blogging, it is very easy to see regurgitated content over and over as the community grows. This is never the case for Design Love Fest. Bri is always posting fabulous original content, including awesome style columns and short films (with her videographer boyfriend!). Last year, she launched an educational side to her business to help others develop their photoshop skills for blogging. Blogshop is now a worldwide phenomenon, with classes being held in Australia, Europe, and all over the United States. I often look to Design Love Fest for graphic design inspiration, and ideas on how to add some more color to my wardrobe. Bri is the queen of color!

Jen Loves Kev is one of my favorite lifestyle blogs. Weekly, Jen shares craft DIY’s, style posts, and personal updates about her family and friends. As a twenty-something, Jen has this vivacity for life and adventurous spirit that is just contagious. Whenever I read her posts, I am left with either a smile on my face or tears in my eyes, or some combination of the two. Her writing connotes emotion, but in a simple way; it’s a lot like how you might feel after you leave a great coffee date with your best friend, or after getting off the phone with your sister. Jen brings real life back to blogging (especially when a lot of blogs can be about materialism, making us feel jealous and “out of our league”) and reminds us that we have the power to control who we connect with and why. It’s a must read.

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