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Lauren Scruggs: ‘I’ve learned to live by faith’

by Allie Marie Smith

I’ve been rooting and praying for 24-year-old fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs ever since I heard about her tragic accident eight months ago, which led her to lose an eye and hand after colliding with a plane propeller. 
Yesterday, she had her first interview on the Today Show since the accident (featuring an appearance by Gabby Douglas!). I’m amazed by the way Lauren is allowing the Lord to beautifully use such a painful experience for good. Lauren’s faith and courage is inspiring. 
“Spiritually, I’ve just learned to live by faith and not by sight,” said Lauren. Even though I’ve lost my left eye, I’ve just realized that the Lord has a strong purpose in it, and I need to use that.” 
I encourage you girls to watch Lauren’s interview and keep an eye out for her upcoming book Still Lolo, in which she shares about her journey and the difficult questions her accident forced her to ask such as What kind of future will I have? Where is God in all this pain? Will anyone be able to love me now? I know these are questions I’ve also struggled to face in my own life, and I’m sure many of you have as well.
Lauren, you are a beautiful and radiant girl and a true inspiration and role model! Keep shining and inspiring other girls and women to know their true value and beauty in the Lord! Your wmGirls are rooting for you! 
What has impacted you most about Lauren’s story? 

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