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Better Than Yesterday

by Natalie Lynn Borton

Comparison is a nasty little beast. It creeps into our heads when we least expect it, and fills our hearts and minds with lies about who we are and what we’re worth. So tempting it is to measure ourselves against others, we are constantly seeking out the perfect diets, the best clothing and the jobs that make the most money.

Girls, it’s time for us to stop. Let’s take a moment, breathe deeply and reflect. What do we really love? Who have we really been made to be? What are we most gifted at? What natural beauty do we possess that is unique to us?

Rather than constantly lose the comparison game (because we all know that we’ll always perceive others as having better lives), why not focus on a game we can win? We cannot control others, but we can control ourselves: how we behave, how we view ourselves and others, how we love, how we interact with God. I’m not suggesting that we all launch personal self-improvement campaigns, but instead that we stop looking outward for our value and worth.

Your worth has been given to you by the One who made you. So talk to Him about it, and invite Him to help you become the best version of who He’s created you to be—better than you were yesterday.

Do you battle the temptation to compare yourself to others? How do you strive to overcome that?

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