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Book Review: Wonderfully Made Bible Study Series

by Emily Thompson

The following is a review of the Wonderfully Made Bible Study Series. She’s given us permission to share it here with you girls, however you can also read it at it’s original source, A Latte For Leaders.

I’m a woman. And just like many other women, I’ve dealt with self confidence issues, wanting to feel beautiful and a host of other matters of the heart. As a believer in Jesus, I know I’m supposed to find my identity in Him but this is so much harder to actually do. It takes learning, good friends and the grace of God to overcome many of my judgements of myself. Now, as a leader in my church, it’s part of my role to help some of my younger women friends who are just coming to face these issues head on.

I’m so excited that there are two new Bible studies available from Group and Wonderfully Made that really dive into what it means to be a daughter of God. The first is called Wonderfully Made: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living. The content is actually great for women of all ages, although it is geared toward younger women. This six week Bible study tackles the issues of body image and healthy eating & explores what it takes to have a healthy relationship with food and find your footing in God’s word.

The second book in the series is called Wonderfully Made: Becoming Who You are in Christ. What I love about this study is that it moves beyond how you view your physical self, and comes to the heart of our identity—and how to find it in Christ. It gives young women encouragement to choose Jesus as their foundation and to believe that they are who God says.

I love the group aspects of these studies. They build community and enforce a true Bible principle—Godly friends are a necessity. If you’re looking for something to involve younger women in your ministry, I would highly recommend this series! It’s Biblically sound, fun to go through and really uplifting! It’s so important that as leaders we are really investing in our younger women, and these books are a resource to help us build them up!

Have you read either of the books in the WM Bible Study Series? What are your thoughts?

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