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The Hosea Love Story: Part One

by Allie Marie Smith

Hi Girls! This week we’re going to be doing something unique here on Know Your Value. We are going to be diving into the Biblical story of Hosea together. Leading up to Easter Sunday, we’ll be showing a six-part short film series which presents us with a modern day adaption of this powerful story.

Here’s a little background for you as you watch part one:

In this modern day telling of the book of Hosea, Hosea has entered into a covenant with Gomer just as God has entered into a covenant with his people, us. We have not merely broken God’s law; we have broken God’s heart. We have grieved him. Despite all our spiritual adultery, we cannot exhaust the love of God and we deserve to be shown “No Mercy” and called “Not My People”, but because Jesus was shown no mercy and was forsaken by the Father, we can rest secure in God’s love for us. There is nothing in us that can evoke the love of God, and there is nothing in us that can exhaust the love of God.

How have you walked away from God in your life and broken his heart?

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