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by Allie Marie Smith

As a baby of the eighties, I’ll never forget the days of being a tiny passenger in my parent’s tan Toyota minivan as love songs like Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” blared in the background. To and from the soccer filed, softball field, McDonalds and school “today’s mix 106.5” would keep us company.

As an emo-driven Barbara Streisand song played, I remember vividly asking my parents “Why is every song on the radio about a man and woman in love?” Isn’t there something else, something better people can sing about? Even as a pint-sized, freckled-faced tomboy I knew that there had to be a greater type of love—though it would be several years later before I’d encounter it for myself.

Though I’m pretty adept at singing Taylor Swift’s entire album in the shower, I prefer to listen to songs that speak of the deepest kind of love humanity has ever experienced.

Above is Josh Garrels (one of my absolute favorite artists) speaking about the love that compels his music and art. You might recognize his unique style in the background music of our Psalm 139 video.

If you haven’t already, you better go TREAT YO-SELF and download his latest album “Love & War & The Sea in Between” for FREE. Like right now. You can thank me later!

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