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To the Girl Who Feels Trapped

by Natalie Lynn Borton

A few years ago, on an evening when my heart felt heavy, I wrote a prayer for the girls who felt trapped in their own distortions of themselves and their world. To the girl who was struggling with addiction, perfectionism, or an eating disorder; to the girl who hated her body or doubted her own worth or unique beauty; to the girl who felt enslaved by lies that she lived by even though she knew they weren’t true.

I wrote this prayer a while ago, but it still applies today. If you can relate to the girls I just described–if you are any of those girls I described, this prayer is for you…

Dear Lord,

You are the creator of all things, from the endless universe to the smallest flowers. You know us intimately and completely even when we turn from you and you yearn for our love and obedience. Tonight, I lift up the girl who is lonely, uncertain, enslaved and addicted. Wrap her in your arms of love. Give her peace. Give her rest. Show her your power and glory and release her from the bondage of controlling her own life. Whether it is food or exercise or self-doubt or perfectionism, show her her worth. Let her know that she is worthy because you, the King of Kings, declare it from the heavens.

You call out to her–she is your perfect, unique daughter, whom you love completely and without condition. Heal her wounds and give her your truth. Let her hear your voice loud and clear above the deceptive thoughts that run through her head. Open her heart, her mind, and her ears to your grace and love and healing. Hold her hand and carry her when she is too weak to bear the weight of her struggles alone. Give her the strength to endure each day and give her hope for a day when she will no longer be a slave to the lies of this world.


Is this prayer for another girl in your life, rather than yourself? If so, send it to her and remind her of her true value and worth.

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