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A Day in Los Olivos: Picnic Party

by Allie Marie Smith

This spring I had the privilege of facilitating a 6-week teaching series for the junior high girls of our local Christian Academy. I had so much fun with the girls teaching Biblical truth pertaining to the key topics at the forefront of their minds including boys, body image, media & culture, friends and self-worth. I wanted to the throw the girls a special party before the end of the school year.

Thanks to my friend Amber of Enjoy Cupcakes and the great guys of Saarloos & Sons (whose epic lawn we used) we had a fun picnic in charming downtown Los Olivos. I surprised the girls by having Ashley Hylton, a fabulous girl and professional photographer, take stunning portraits of the girls!

How adorable are they?

Are there any younger girls in your life who could use your mentoring? How can you help them know their value?

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