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Featured Cause: Little Dresses for Africa

by Chrissy Watson

I love to dress up. I love wearing a pretty dress I can twirl in. I love ruffles, and lace, bows and flowers. When I was little I would play in my mom’s closet and try on all her fancy outfits. Anything with sparkle was always a must. Thinking about those times makes me smile.

I am so lucky to have those memories. I’m lucky to be able to go somewhere special and put on a dress that makes me feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. There’s something about wearing a pretty dress that just makes a girl feel like a girl.

Unfortunately there are a lot of girls all over the world who do not have these memories. Some who don’t get dressed up and feel special, some who have never even seen a dress.

Little Dresses For Africa is a non-profit Christian based organization that is committed to showing girls that they have worth through the simple act of providing them with something that makes them feel special. From pillowcases dresses are made and distributed throughout churches, orphanages and schools. Yup! A pillowcase is all you need!

So how can you help?

Once you’ve done that, send your dress here:

Little Dresses For Africa
24614 Curtis Drive
Brownstown, MI 48134

Help a little girl feel the joy you have with a simple pillowcase! It may seem like a little thing. Just a dress…just a piece of clothing. But to these little girls, it’s so much more than that.

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