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Big Announcement: HerStory Launch

Today we have a big announcement for you! We have released our very first film in our new HerStory film series!

You can preview the first film featuring Christie’s powerful story of redemption and learn more about our goals for this project HERE.

We plan on sharing the stories of dozens of girls from a variety of backgrounds who have gone through many different life experiencing such as depression, an eating disorder, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, loss of a loved one, promiscuity, perfectionism, or abuse.

In order to make this project a reality WE NEED YOU, our wmGirls!!!! Here’s how YOU can make this project a reality:

  1. Share this website with your church missions team and invite them to support one film for $1,000.
  2. Host a fundraiser to raise $1,000 to fund one film.
  3. Invite a business or organization you’re connected with to support one project.
  4. Cover our HerStory film series and the girls who will be sharing in prayer.
  5. If you know of an amazing woman (in California) in her twenties with a powerful story of redemption to share, email us telling a bit about her and why you think her story should be told.

With 1 Story and $1,000 Your church or organization can help us try to reach 100,000 girls

Once we have raised more support we will start rolling out additional stories and then make then widely available to share virally via your Facebook, Blog, Tumblr, etc.

Watch the film and write a note to Christie letting her know how her story impacted you.

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