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by Allie Marie Smith

Happy Friday lovelies!

So, the big question today is who watched the Royal Wedding?

I almost went to a friend’s party at 3am to watch it and sip tea and eat crumpets in a big hat, but I have to be up at 3:30am in the morning tomorrow to drive to the “Breaking Through” Young Women’s Conference” at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. So unfortunately I had to be practical. You should come if you’re in driving distance and don’t have plans for your lovely Saturday. It’s FREE and there will be Chick-fil-a as well as great speakers and worship and 2,000 young women! We’ll have a table with our WM merchandise and 31 Bits and our lovely photographer Katee Grace will be hosting an Antho-inspired (of course) professional photo-booth for us.

So about Princess Kate….didn’t she look lovely? I have never seen an ugly bride and of course she was no exception – there is a radiance in a bride’s face, a light in her heart that is contagious. I love how God uses the analogy of a bride to communicate His love for us. Just think – you and I and every girl who believes is the royal bride of Christ! So don’t hate on Kate…you’re a royal bride too!

PS. How cute is the little flower girl on the left covering her ears. Classic!

What are your thoughts on being the bride of Christ and the Royal Wedding?

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