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1 Day Countdown to Radiant!

by Allie Marie Smith

We’re officially on the one day countdown til tomorrow’s event! Saturday will mark our Santa Clara University chapter’s six annual spring seminar event! I’m so excited (and a lil’ nervous to speak) – I can’t wait to be with all the girls and have a mini WM reunion! The Santa Clara wmGirls have worked so hard to make this event a reality and Kayla & I feel like two very proud mommas. I absolutely love our spring seminar events – they’re our original WM event before we ever had other chapters and started doing official conferences. They’re more intimate and are totally put on by the girls in our chapters. I can’t wait for the day that our Westmont, Pepperdine (and now Point Loma!) chapters begin hosting their very own outreach events for the girls and women of their campuses and communities. The SCU girls have led the way and done an awesome job!

One of our ridiculously talented wmVoices, Meghan Incorvia will be leading us in worship and playing a few of her original songs. She’s crazy good and crazy fun to be around & our spunky and gifted photographer Janelle will be taking photos of the event. My friend Aymee made us an Anthropologie-inspired, vintage-looking burlap flag sign for the backdrop of our photo-booth and it’s so stinkin’ cute! Please be praying for this event, for our team, and most of all for the life-changing message of Christ’s love to go forth and be received into girls’ hearts. Pray we will be equipped by God’s spirit to share the gospel and the message of our true value and worth in Christ.

We’re so thankful for you all – our wmGirls all over the country (and world!) – thank you for your love and support and for being a part of the Wonderfully Made movement!

P.S. If you live in driving distance to San Jose, we’d LOVE for your to join us for tomorrow’s FREE event! Click here for details.

Are you attending?

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