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Dear Wonderfully Made: Advice for Callie

by Allie Marie Smith

Happy Monday Girls!

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m busy gearing up for our Santa Clara University chapter’s spring seminar this Saturday [insert loud holla and happy dance here!]. I cannot wait to be reunited with our amazing team of SCU wmGirls!

I’ve been running behind on responding to girls who email us and so many of them are giving me a heavy heart. I was wondering if you girls could help me write back to Callie and encourage her in her comments. I email her a link to this blog so she can see all of your heart-felt advice. Here’s her email to us…

Dear Wonderfully Made,
My name is Callie and I went to your last Wonderfully Made Conference. Lately I have been really hard on myself – feeling like I’m not good enough and that has affected me major. My grades have gone down and I just don’t know what to do. Help.

What thoughts, verses and practical advice do you want to share with Callie? I know she’ll be encouraged to hear from you.

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