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Have I Told You Lately?

by Allie Marie Smith

I don’t know if this happens to you, but old, cheesy, catchy songs have the tendency to intrude my mental jukebox during the most obscure moments. Like today, when I was washing my feet. Yes washing my feet.

Today it was Rod Stewart’s ancient hit “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.” Are you singing it yet? As I sang along with him in my head today during my solo date at the farmer’s market (I’ve been told I should never sing aloud), the lyrics transpired into this revision:

God, have I told you lately that I’m thankful?

Have I told you that I’m thankful for a pillow under my head and a bed under my pillow? That I’m thankful for crystal, clean water whenever I’m thirsty? Or for friends who feel like sisters. Have I told you lately that I’m thankful for the big things like family, freedom and redemption and for the little things like watermelon slices in summer?

How about you – have you told God lately that you’re thankful?

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