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HerStory: Bethany Hamilton (and FREE Giveaway!!!)

by Allie Marie Smith

I was so excited to find out from Bethany’s sister in-law’s Becky’s FB page that Bethany’s story was just featured on I Am Second. So I can’t wait to share it with you girls for today’s HerStory feature. In 2007 Becky directed and produced Heart of a Soul Surfer (in partnership with Walking on Water) which offers a first-hand look into the true story and life of Bethany Hamilton (her then future sister-in-law), who lost her arm to a major shark attack.

Here’s Bethany’s story in her own words…

The promise of Romans 8:28 has been made evident across the world through Bethany’s resilience and humble heart:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

On April 8th, Sony will release Soul Surfer – the theatrical film of the Bethany Hamilton story featuring AnnaSophia Robb (as Bethany), Carrie Underwood, Helen Hunt & Dennis Quad.

We want to encourage you to gather a small army of girls to see Soul Surfer when it releases on April 8th.

We’ll send a free copy of the original documentary Heart of a Soul Surfer and Christina DiMari’s book “Ocean Star” to the first 3 girls to email us a picture of their movie night!

Here’s how to plan your movie night and enter the giveaway:

  1. Find out the closest theatre Soul Surfer is playing near you.
  2. Create a FB event and invite all the girls and women you know to go (be sure to encourage them to pre-order their ticket as it might sell out!).
  3. Take a group picture and email it to us at We’ll post them on our blog and email them to Bethany.

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