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by Allie Marie Smith

Happy Monday Girls,

Hope yours is off to a good start! 1.5 cups of coffee later and I’m still waking up. Ughh…just call me lazybones today.

We have a brand new goodie in the wmBoutique just for you girls! This piece is my brand new fave. Our hope in making it was that it would serve as a fun reminder for us of our true value and worth. We hope you girls don’t just like it, but LOVE it. Here’s me sporting mine this morning – no make-up, hair-brushing or photoshopping was used in the making of this photo.

Our hand-stamped cuff is $19 and helps pay our bills to keep WM alive (hint, hint: another great reason you should get yo-friend, yo-mom, yo-self one)! Getch-yo-self some WM bling here.


What do you think? Would you buy it?

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