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Letting Go on our HEAL Journey: Gabrielle Reece, Second Helpings & Our True Comforter

I recently started co-leading my second Thin Within support group for the women of my church. Thin Within was started by my mentor Judy Halliday and teaches a Biblical and grace-oriented approach to lasting weight-loss. Judy’s mentoring presence and wisdom is also woven throughout HEAL. While the principles are the same, the key difference is that HEAL is written primarily for younger women (ages 13 to 30) and speaks to girls who struggle with a variety of issues on the disordered eating continuum (ranging from over-eating to anorexic behaviors, bulimia, chronic dieting, etc.). TW is geared more towards adults – men and women and the language is written primarily for individuals who clinically do need to lose weight.

During our group time we explored the following question:

“What do I need to lay at the altar or surrender to the Lord in order to be truly free?

I was humbled to admit the following 3 three struggles I need to surrender, but am encouraged and hopeful because it means God is continuing to complete the good work He has begun in me and renew me from within.

  • My Idol of Thinness. Since I was a young girl I’ve had vain dreams and aspirations of being a fitness model and gracing the covers of “health & beauty” magazines with a lean yet toned physique accompanied by a killer tan and blond highlights (a shorter Gabrielle Reece). The truth is I still hang on to this idol as a false comfort that one day I look like my ideal self and be more valuable to the world.
  • A Stubborn & Rebellious Spirit. I struggle with wanting things my way, not God’s way. I want to call the shots. I want to eat the amount of food I want (which is often more than I need). I want, I want, I want….
  • Overindulgence: While God has freed me from emotional eating, binge eating, purging, chronic dieting, restrictive eating and other unhealthy struggles I still at times take delight in eating more food than my body needs. I too often find comfort in second helpings or in that extra snack, rather than in God Himself, my true Comforter.

What is it you need to lay before the Lord as you press forward on your HEAL Journey to experience freedom, health and wholeness in this area of your life? Let’s lay them down and together run to the throne of grace!

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. -Hebrews 4:16

Love & Blessings on your HEAL Journey,


*PS. I’m excited to tell you that I didn’t steal the above pic from another website, but it’s a pic of me that my friend took on the beach. My hand looks huge! Haha..

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