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Lessons from my Mad Chair Hunt

by Allie Marie Smith

Ever since I’ve stood under four feet tall I’ve known what I wanted and was determined to get it. At age eight I went to Shortcuts for a haircut and very firmly told the lady I wanted my bangs to look like a wave (it was the early nineties) – to my frustration she just didn’t get it and they looked ordinary and not fabulous like I wanted. The first time I went ice-skating I was adamant about getting the ice skates with two blades on each sole so I wouldn’t fall – they didn’t exist, but in my head they did and I demanded them till I was red in the face. Paul says it’s the German in me.

After we decided to move forward in faith to do a film series featuring girls’ testimonies, I became fixated on finding the “perfect” chair for each story to be told in. I scoured antique shops up and down the Central Coast and as far as Palm Springs; googled “funky vintage wingback chair” more times than I can count and sent a group email me telling my friends about my hunt, confident the perfect one would appear. Sadly, I never found it (at least within our budget).

Yesterday, with only a few hours to spare I gave up my search. I painted my desk chair teal (of course) and shabby chic’d it up. I’m pretty happy with the result and what my chair hunt has taught me is that sometimes the thing we think we must have we really don’t need at all; and that sometimes the thing we’re searching for God has placed right in front of us.

Today at 6:15am we are shooting our very first HerStory film in a field of mustard seed with sea breeze blowing. Our girl Christie is the first to share. I believe with full confidence the Lord is going to use “her story” (His story) in a powerful way. We covet your prayers!

When’s the last time you demanded something you realized you didn’t need at all?

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