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Featured Cause: Girls Love Mail

By February 27, 2012featured cause

by Chrissy Watson

In light of the official month of love I thought a cause with love in title would be perfect. I would like to introduce Girls Love Mail!

To give you a little history, Girls Love Mail began when a woman named Gina Mulligan was diagnosed with breast cancer. While getting treatment she received over 200 letters and cards full of uplifting words and support. While thinking about how fortunate she was to have so much love and support she couldn’t help but what about the breast cancer patients who aren’t so lucky. She hated the thought of their mailboxes being empty and them having no one to stand beside them. She describes it as an “AHAA!!” moment.

The goal of Girls Love Mail is to give the gift of a hand-written letter to a woman who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. You write a letter sharing encouragement and inspiration. Send it to Girls Love Mail and they will distribute the letters to the appropriate physician offices, support groups, and cancer centers.

Getting involved in this cause is super easy and a great way to spread the message that we all know and love, “You have worth…” Here’s all you need to do:

  • Go to the Girls Love Mail website and click on “Get Started.”
  • There you have step-by-step instructions, starting with completing a sign up form.
  • You will be emailed an instructional packet so you have guide on how to write your letter and some tips on what to write.

Send some love and encouragement to a woman that is going through a hard time. We all need to stand by each other and support each other and we shouldn’t let having never met get in the way.

When have you been encouraged by a handwritten note? How did it impact how you handled your circumstances?

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