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Darling Magazine: A Breath of Fresh Air

by Allie Marie Smith

Get your copy here!

Hey lovelies! Just a few days left of August, which means the first print issue of Darling Magazine is on its way!

First, I want you to meet Sarah Dubbeldam, the chief dreamer and creative behind Darling. Sarah is a kindred spirit and a beautiful soul who embodies and lives the Darling mission.

Along with a few of my friends—including Natalie and Kristie—I had the absolute privilege of writing an article for this revolutionary and refreshing publication. (Side-note: Natalie is now the Managing Editor and I’m so happy to see her pursuing this dream—she is doing a fabulous job).

Writing for such a high quality, classy, beautiful and intelligent publication is a little girl dream come true!

In case you’re new to Darling, I want to share a little about their vision and a few reasons why they are different than any other women’s magazine:

  • Darling challenges cultural “ideals” of beauty and questions its exaggerated importance. Sees beauty in every type of woman.
  • Darling promotes respect for women’s bodies in fashion and photography, seeing modesty plus excellent fashion sense as “sexy.”
  • Darling offers tangible, deep advice on painful issues facing women such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.
  • Darling believes in bringing back etiquette, character and integrity, also focusing on increasing self-worth through living in more respect of your soul and body.
  • Darling believes in expanding knowledge of spirituality and living a life connected to God in order to live well and love others.

Issue No. 1 of Darling will be a breath of fresh air. A quarterly that provides more than 3 months worth of wisdom, it will bring you deep, meaningful content about every element of your life. It will be free of cluttered layouts and screaming headlines. Best of all, thanks to your support, it will be 100% advertisement free along with:

  • 140 pages of articles and photos which won’t be published online
  • High-quality paper and a heavier, book-like cover
  • 20+ exclusive photoshoots from several renowned photographers
  • Over 40 original articles exploring our 8 personas

Lastly, you’re invited to put on your best dancing shoes and join the Darling team for their Launch Party! If I wasn’t in Hawaii for our Wonderfully Made Conference I’d so be there and would even show you my Appalachin-mountain-girl dance moves!

Will you subscribe to Darling? What about the magazine most appeals to you?

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