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Counterfeit Gods || Spoken Word

by Jeff Bethke

When I wasn’t a Christian I thought “worship” meant raising your hands and singing songs. Personally, Christianity seemed outdated and I didn’t want to put my life under the authority of someone (or something) else. But a few years ago, I realized we all have some god or authority in our life. Everyone has something they give their money, time, energy, and life to. The question isn’t “do” we worship but “who” do we worship. I always find it funny that people get mad at Jesus when He demands someone’s entire life. But how come we don’t get mad at adulterous lust, alcohol, or our jobs when they demand our entire life? He isn’t the only one asking for our allegiance. The best part about Jesus though is He is the only one that actually satisfies. He is the only one that gives us His life first, before He asks us for ours. Rather than lording it over us like the other idols in this world, he compels us by His grace that pursued us even when we didn’t want Him. 

Are there things in your life that you need to let go of so that God can step in as the King over your life? 

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