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by Jeff Bethke

The concept of this video started to formulate a few months ago. I was really struck by just how many passages Jesus makes taking care of the sick, poor, and orphan an ultimate sign of whether we are a christian or not.

Personally, I’d read those passages and tremble. I know I’m saved by grace through faith but I started to realize that if that grace has really touched my life I’m going to look different. I also realized how concerned I am with people thinking I’m a Christian rather than just living a messy gospel filled life for Jesus. Even God Himself was accused of being a drunkard and a glutton. Isn’t that weird?

He didn’t argue, He didn’t say, “no I’m not!” He didn’t say, “well if people want to think I’m a good Christian I better not be able to be accused of this.” Now we know He wasn’t but He was still accused of being those things because He was on the front lines in the areas the religious people wouldn’t go. He would associate with the prostitutes, the drunks, the homeless, the poor, the downtrodden.

So my question to all the WM readers is this: is that us? Are we willing to associate ourselves with the ones who are messy? Because the great promise of the Gospel is that Jesus was willing to associate with us, even when we were messy.

Can you relate to what Jeff’s talking about? How so?

P.S. If you like Jeff’s video and want to see more of his awesome work, you can check out the rest of his videos here. We love the way he’s using his God-given strengths to share the powerful truth about Christ, don’t you?

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