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Unique Is Beautiful. Barbie Isn’t Real.

by Kristie Vosper

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A trending article on Facebook on Wednesday was an article that Yahoo posted titled, “Is ‘real-life Barbie’ beautiful or creepy?

It’s not a question I have to sit with for even a moment. My resounding answer is: creepy.

In the article, three models are discussed who go to great lengths to look like a doll. This article is based around 21-year-old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova who even though her fame has come through pretending to be a Barbie doll, begs to be known for more than her appearance.

The chilling end of the article reveals that internationally there are others who have a deep and wide following for their “doll-like” image. No, they don’t just look so pretty that someone says “what a doll!” but they actually have built their tribe around looking like a doll you would buy at a toy store.

The perfection problem is a sickness that infects our culture. When a human being starts acting like a product, this is the ultimate form of objectification. We, the consumers of this culture, must fight back and call out for our sisters and brothers who get caught up in what leads to death. Death of the soul comes first, and eventually death of the body.

Pornography, popular media and consumer culture are much to blame for a the widespread thirst for perfection. However, the reasons that porn, media and products earn millions of dollars each year is rooted in the depravity of our souls. Our understanding of our humanity and sexuality is clearly much too shallow if all that is produced from these industries appeals to our senses. Boys are learning to yearn and long for perfect, and girls think they will only find love if they become perfect. What a cheap and dark lie this is killing the vitality of connected relationships between men and women.

You are made in the image of God. You are a child, created to be known, seen, and connected to. Your physical body is to be celebrated, enjoyed, reflecting the complexity of your Creator. You are a wondrous part of this universe. Human. This is the truth.

I realize that many will read this article and think “No, not me. I don’t like this at all.” I challenge you today to wonder what subtle version of this extreme story each of us has bought into? When we look around at the world and people watch, do you look for perfect and call it beautiful? In the quiet of your own mind, what kinds of judgments do you make about the bodies of others and ultimately of your own? I challenge you to start thinking differently. What lie is tangling it’s way into the way we look in the mirror, or the way we choose the people we connect to?

Freedom is found in protesting this hateful lie. Even that funny body part you wish was different in this or that way…it makes you unique. I beg you to join me in believing that unique is beautiful. Look out at the world and see the people around you for their unique beauty. You were designed to be totally unlike anyone on this earth. A beauty all your own. Celebrate that you are a child of God today, not a child of Mattel.

What is uniquely beautiful about you? How do you actively love and embrace those unique qualities?

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