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The Relentless Love of God: Hosea Love Story, Part Six

by Natalie Lynn Borton

Today we finish out our series surrounding The Hosea Love Story with part six: the relentless love of God. This final video is based on Hosea 14, and described as such (emphasis added):

Finally Gomer has returned to Hosea. Sliding the ring back on her finger she has accepted his invitation to come back home and live back in the covenant she has made with him. Even though Hosea’s love is unfailing for Gomer, he can not save her from the consequences she must experience for the sin she has lived in. In spite of all this, his love is relentless. He loves her, holds her and will not walk away from her.

Thinking of this story in modern day human terms it is a very difficult story to embrace. Would we really ever be able to forgive someone who has caused that much hurt to themselves and to us? But God’s love is beyond human love. It is relentless. God does not love us because of who we are or what we do, he loves us in spite of it. One of the hardest parts of coming to God is accepting that his love covers all the brokenness we bring.

When did you first understand the forgiveness of God? If you haven’t yet grasped His relentless love for you, what do you think is holding you back?

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