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by Alex Evjen

Spring is almost upon us. Can you believe it?! Soon, we’ll be putting away our sweaters and coats, and pulling out our favorite sun dresses and tanks. Not to mention, we’ll be adding some of the season’s hottest trends into our existing wardrobe. I can’t wait!

But before you buy anything or put away your fleece, you should go through your closet piece by piece and ask yourself three questions…

  1. Does this still fit?
  2. Is this flattering on me?
  3. Is everything on this garment intact?

If you answer yes to all of the questions, then fold up the item and keep it. If you answer no, to any of the questions then you need to ask yourself the next set of questions…

  1. Is this worth bringing into the tailor and having it altered, repaired or redyed?
  2. Do I want to wait to see if my body changes in a year?
  3. Do I want to try and sell this at a consignment store and make some money back?
  4. Do I want to donate this?

If you bring something to the tailor be sure to ask the cost of the alteration ahead of time. This will help you budget better and get the best deal for the job.

Donating clothing is a fantastic way to help those in need. There are many organizations out there that accept clothing donations with Goodwill being the most common. Goodwill is a wonderful choice, but also be on the look out for local opportunities or even needs within your neighborhood or church community.

Selling your clothes on or in consignment shops are great ways to make easy money. Just make sure you ask about the consignment store’s policy, what percentage they take from the sale, what happens to the clothes if they don’t sell, etc. is the perfect place if you want full control and profit from your sale; however, if you’re a person on the go and you get bogged down by small errands like packaging and running to the post office, this isn’t your cup of tea.

Lastly, if the clothes aren’t fitting your body at this time that’s OKAY. Our bodies go through so much change with seasonal transition, stress and sickness. Don’t be hard on yourself! If you really enjoy that skirt, put it away for next year.

Will you do “spring cleaning” with your wardrobe this year? Why or why not?

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